Thursday, April 21, 2016

April showers bring Horse Boxes

North Carolina is having its usual bipolar weather. In one week it went from nights with near-freezing temperatures to sunny days topping out in the upper 80's (Fahrenheit, that is). Today it decided to cloud up and taunt us with the possibility of rain.
Tut tut it looks like rain...
Price: Monthly subscription is $29.99, longer subscriptions are less
Shipping: Free and around the 15th of the month (I say "around" because once it shipped a day early!)
Contents: 4-6 horse and horse-related products with a value of $35+
Note: I'm aiming this review at both horse-people and non-horse subscription box fans, so some things may be overly explained or simplified. If you're confused about anything, feel free to ask! I've been around horses since I was a child, so sometimes I forget that certain things aren't common knowledge.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

I won The Happy Rebel Box, so I'm reviewing it

The Happy Rebel Box is a new subscription box that is targeting women who are into style with a bit of an edgy twist. This pretty much describes me perfectly. I was a kinda-goth kid back in high school and now in my mid-twenties I still have a penchant for the darker vibe mixed in with a more mainstream chic love of fashion.

USPS kinda banged up the box a bit

 This box ships quarterly and costs $100. I didn't pay for this box, however, because I won it through their Instagram contest! Yay! That doesn't really have any influence on my opinion of the box's contents, as being detached and cynical is pretty high up on my list of talents. Anyway, on with the review!