Monday, August 3, 2015

Mask Monday: Naisture Tea Tree sheet mask

Brand: Naisture
Flavor: Tea Tree
Where Purchased: Marshalls (USA)
Cost: $4.99/5 pack
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Fit: The eye, nose, and mouth holes are quite large. I especially appreciated the size of the eye holes, because I often have to rip sheet masks so that I don't get essence in my eyes. The nose hole was fairly large, but the part of the mast designed to cover the nose didn't extend down to the tip of mine (but my nose isn't exactly dainty). The sheet seems to be a bit heavier and more solid, and the chin and jaw area of the mask is a bit too wide. It doesn't extend down nearly as far under the chin as I'd like, and it is so wide that there are very large wrinkles around the side when I press it to my face.

Essence: The essence is slightly transparent milky white (probably from shea butter) and can be a bit sticky even after it as dried down. It contains scutellaria baicalensis root extract, which is a proven antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, as well as the requisite tea tree extract and tea tree oil. They've thrown glycolic acid in there, but it's down at the bottom so I don't really know how much good the AHA is doing.

Scent: I always address scent because I know some people can be sensitive to it. This mask has the strong green "chemically" smell of tea tree. There is added fragrance listed as an ingredient, too.

Verdict: I actually really like Naisture's tea tree mask, even though I feel like it leaves a stickier layer of residue after using it than most other masks. Keep that in mind if you have very thin essences, use them before using this mask. The eye holes being larger are awesome, and I think about them every time I use a My Beauty Diary mask and have to rip both sides of the tiny eyes to keep myself from being blinded by serum. I especially like the $1/mask price that my Marshalls tends to have them for.

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