Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Golden Tote: Because I can't go naked

At the end of January of this year I returned home from England weighing 150lbs. My narcolepsy had gotten bad and I spent a good 2/3rds of the day sleeping. My normal weight was around 130lbs.

Enter: New medication, awake-ness, eating healthy, moving more

I am now (and have been for several months) 120lbs. And all my clothes are too big now. So I pounced on the chance to try Golden Tote. If you are unfamiliar with it, at Golden Tote you get to pick out 1 or 2 of the clothing items in your tote, and the stylists there pick out the rest of them according to your style survey. There are new releases each month and it is an absolute madhouse of people trying to get certain in-demand styles before the sell out. I selected the $149 tote, so I got to pick out 2 items and the stylists picked out 4 more for me.

Oh yeah, and it comes in an actual tote, too

Tote: November $149
Style Profile: Edgy. solid colors, sweaters, casual
Stylist: "A.C." (or the 'c' could be a lower case 'e'...not sure)

My stats:
-Height: 5'5"
-Weight: 120lbs
-Bra: 28E
-Usual Size: 26"/Small
Please excuse my crappy cellphone photos, it hasn't been wanting to focus properly lately. I've been busy so my room is quite the disaster, I'm not wearing makeup, and I haven't done my eyebrows in weeks.

Chosen Item #1: Lovestitch Favorite Fringe Cardigan (grey/small)
Very soft and stretchy! I love grey and the fringe on here is more rocker chic than boho. The sides reach across to button on the shoulders, but it also doesn't look that bad left open.

Chosen Item #2: JustBlack Black Jeggings (size 26)
I always need new jeans, and thankfully these fit like a glove. I'm wearing them in all the pictures here, because black jeggings are awesomely versatile like that. These are not the tightest jeggings I've had by far, I would really call them skinny jeans because the ankle isn't extremely tight. I hope they wash well so I can justify buying more.

Surprise Item #1: Renee C Cowl Neck Sweater (taupe/small)
Holy cowl, Batman!* The cowl on this sweater is gigantic. I could hide kittens in there. It is very soft and not too thick, so it will be a good layering piece. With the longer length and form fit, I really want to wear this tucked into a high-waisted pencil skirt with some high-heeled ankle booties.

Surprise Item #2: Puella Cardigan (blue/small)
This is a thin spring cardigan in a lovely almost-teal shade of blue. It had a gauzy texture to it and moves very well with the side splits.

Surprise Item #3: Miracle Fuzzy Sweater (wine/Small-Medium)
Oversized sweater for the win! Love love love this! It is ultra soft and cozy, a beautiful darker red color, and fits exactly how I hoped it would when I first saw it. I love the look of tight leggings with a slightly oversized sweater.

Surprise Item #4: Illa Illa Sweater with Crochet Detail (olive/small)
This is the only piece I'm not 100% in love with, more like 75% "in like" with it. It isn't quite soft, but also isn't really scratchy or coarse. The crocheting is nice and in person it has the same sexy-kinda-oversized fit as the miracle sweater that goes so well with skin-tight pants, but it really does not photograph well. 

Final Thoughts: So with this tote I received 6 items for $149, 5 of which I adore and the final one I do like. The stylist gave me what I asked for: casual clothing, sweaters, and solid colors. None of it is too girly/trendy/boho for me. Can December get here please, because I can't wait to see what the next launch will bring!

I paid for this out of my pitiful cat-sitting income, the usual Questions, Comments, and Casual Insults are welcome.
*I'm dreadfully sorry for this horrible cowl pun.

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