Sunday, June 14, 2015

Innisfree Impulse

I think this qualifies as my first official "haul" of Asian skincare products! Innisfree has a global website and makes ordering insanely easy. They also are quite generous with the coupons. I used a "free shipping" one that came with the account when I signed up a few months ago. Free EMS shipping: hell yes!

 It was buy one get one free on sleeping packs, so couldn't help myself from getting two green tea sleeping packs. I adore the green tea balancing lotion, so making the green tea sleeping pack my first sleeping pack seemed natural. The free one I gave to my sister as an early birthday present (she knew I got it for free, but she also knows I'm pretty close to broke). Because my purchase was over $70, they threw in a free solution kit containing a couple of samples and a kiwi sheet mask.

These are my first ever sheet masks! 10 for the price of 5, can't beat that kind of deal. I pretty much bought all of Innisfree's current specials. And a tea tree sheet mask, because I have some inflamed zits that are seriously hating me right now.

Innisfree's newest sunscreen, the extreme safety 60 sun gel is my attempt to find a water resistant sunscreen that will survive horseback riding and barn work. The little mini sunblock was free, so that is a second one I get to test! Hopefully SAL will make somewhat reasonable time with bringing my Japanese sunscreen order here so I try those out if these don't make the cut.

I saw this and couldn't help myself, it is just too pretty. Innisfree launched a limited edition green tea seed cream with matching handkerchief in three different styles. I picked the Summer one themed with cherry blossoms and am quite happy with it. Yes, the hankie is kinda thin and cheap, but it is cute enough and the cream is just lush!

I also added on a sample of the orchid enriched cream and volcanic clay mask, and of course Innisfree added a couple of free samples as is standard. Now please excuse me, I need to go play in sheet masks.

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