Monday, June 15, 2015

Too hot to handle

    Today it hit 100°F (about 38°C) and the horses finally decided that being inside during the day is an okay thing to do. We have the overhead fans on, three fans attached to each stall, and two fans set up in the aisle of the barn. It keeps it about 10 to 15 degrees cooler inside than it is out in the sun. I especially worry about our mare, Baby, in the summer. Her pink nose sunburns quite easily!

    I picked her up some sunblock from CVS. A baby sunblock because I worried about her muzzle being sensitive to excessive additives with completely physical UV filters so that it would last longer (reapplying on this lady ain't easy) and most importantly: water resistant. I ended up with CVS Baby Sun Lotion SPF50, which is the CVS dupe for Banana Boat Baby Tear Free Lotion.
    I tested it on myself first. I wasn't worried about a white cast because horses aren't exactly concerned with aesthetics, but I wanted it to be gentle and very water resistant. Baby has a great love of sticking her face in water troughs and splashing everywhere. While I wouldn't grab it first for my face, it didn't break me out or irritate my face in any way and for my body it was pretty awesome! And it is actually really fucking waterproof. I was trying to get it off my hands after applying it, and well.... it took awhile and a lot of soap to remove it. I need to pick up a second bottle soon, though, because my father discovered that he liked it too, and has been stealing the horse's sunblock.

    This little hotdog has been loving the heat intermittently. He maxes out at 30 minutes outside before demanding air conditioning. I'm more than happy to oblige because I hate the heat. Even though I grew up in the hot and humid south, two years in the UK has made me soft. Give me a gentle English summer any day over this!
    I need to find some sort of cooling face mist. Hmmm.....

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