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Innisfree Eco Safety Perfect Waterproof Sunblock SPF50+ PA+++ Review

   My quest for the perfect waterproof sunscreen for horseback riding has come to an end. When I purchased the Innisfree Extreme Safety 60 sun gel that I reviewed previously, I received a free deluxe sample of the Innisfree Eco Safety Perfect Waterproof Sunblock SPF50+ PA+++, that I promptly cast aside and ignored.
   That is until another Asian Beauty loving equestrian pointed out the sunblock on Innisfree's website and I told her that I'd try my sample and tell her if it was good for barn work. Basically we wanted a sunscreen that was very sweat resistant that dried matte/non-sticky so horse fur and barn dust wouldn't stick to our faces. Innisfree delivered.

Ingredients: Pulling the ingredients from CosDNA, this sunblock uses Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide as its filters and there are no chemical filters. So this would be good for sensitive skin, and in my opinion I prefer physical filters because I feel they last better throughout the day (you should still try to reapply frequently, but you aren't completely screwed after 3hrs like with a chemical filter). This sunblock also contains a good deal of Niacinamide! Score! I asked Innisfree for the amount/percentage of Niacinamide in it, but sadly they couldn't get me an answer. What does this sunblock not contain? There is no alcohol in it! I really didn't believe it because of how well it dried down, but alcohol is not listed as an ingredient.

Packaging: The bottle is a fairly flat and wide bottle made of soft yellow plastic with a twist off white cap. It is easy to find inside your bag because of the bright colors, and the spout has good control with dispensing the right amount of product. I think the 50ml is a good size for this sunblock to carry around.

Scent: Come on guys, this is Innisfree we're talking about here. Of course this product has added fragrance. It isn't as strong as the sun gel, but it does have the same scent that is vaguely reminiscent of Fruit Stripe gum. I don't notice it after I apply it, but if you're very sensitive to fragrances, you probably should just stay away from anything Innisfree anyways.

Used the cap as a white balance

Texture/Feel/Performance: This sunblock is about medium thickness and slightly creamy, but it spreads and dries down very easily. It dries softly, not overly matte but not overly moisturized either. If you're used to Japanese sunblocks that dry down within a few minutes, this one does take a little bit longer to be fully dried. I'd say maybe 10-20 minutes max? If you have overly dry skin, you should moisturize underneath it and you'll be fine. For oily skin or days where you know you are going to be hardcore sweating, Innisfree's No-Sebum Mineral Powder sets on top of this very well. I have never worn makeup over this! I haven't been wearing much makeup lately because I've pretty much been living in the barn (I don't dress up to impress the horses), but I think that this would work very well as a makeup base.

White cap, slightly tinted sunblock

White-cast? Possibly. This sunblock is tinted slightly. Sort of a generic pale white-person almost-pink-ish color. I find that it evens out my skintone and gives me zero white cast, but I'm also a pale NC15-20. If you have darker skin there might be a white cast. But I can't promise you that there will be one. I wish I had a friend around here with darker skin to compare this sunblock on, but alas, I live in the middle of nowhere and really don't have any friends around here (dark skin or pale!). If you have darker skin than me and have tried this sunblock, please comment on your experiences with any white-cast from the physical filters and I'll update this section to be more accurate. Edit: I talked to someone who is a mac NC25 and they definitely get a white cast from this!

Water-resistant? By itself it isn't the most water resistant sunblock I've ever used, but it is still quite resistant. After applying it to my face I have to use soap and a lot of washing to get it off my fingers, and I have yet to get sunburned whilst wearing it and sweating. I did feel a little drip down near my eyes and sting when I was horseback riding and dripping sweat bad one day, but I fixed that by now applying the No-Sebum powder on days that are going to be super-sweaty. I have not worn this swimming, so I can't attest to how well it works there.

Rebuy? Already have. You know how I got the deluxe sized sample tube free with my previous order? Well after only two days of trialing the sunblock sample I jumped in on Innisfree's buy-one-get-one-free of this sunblock and now have a good stock of it! I'm not going to stop testing sunblocks, but this is the one I reach for right now before I head out to the barn.

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  1. I appreciate your reviews of both Innisfree sunscreens. These happen to be the same ones I've narrowed it down to! Since they're having the BOGO sale I'll probably still order both for comparison purposes. Virginia summers are so humid and I'm sweaty enough as it is, so it's good to know that these hold up well!