Monday, December 21, 2015

My dog is an idiot & a December Pet Giftbox review

Jake's had a rough week. Last Wednesday he stole some pumpkin-muffin cookies from the counter where my mother had left them to cool.

The problem: they contained raisins.

Grapes and raisins contain something that is toxic to around 50% of dogs. Scientists still haven't been able to isolate whatever toxin that is, or determine why some dogs suffer kidney failure after eating only a few raisins whilst other dogs can eat pounds of them with no problems. But for those dogs that do react to it, the damage is severe. So we rushed Jake to the emergency vet where he was forced to vomit up the 32 raisins he ate then had to stay there overnight for monitoring. Poor dude, all he wanted was a cookie.

It's a good thing that his December Pet Giftbox came today and cheered him up! I purchased Pet Giftbox because I have no impulse control through Groupon and paid $10/box for a 3 month subscription.

Pet Giftbox has some pretty heavyweight paper that it folds around the goodies. It's a nice classy touch for box of stuff that is just going to get drooled on.

First up we have the quintessential stuffed squeaky toy. It's a reindeer! I keep accidentally calling it a moose though.

Instead of the usual seasonal bandana that seems to come with Pet Giftbox most months we have a little knit scarf. It's like amazeballs levels of cute on Jake!

How can you resist that hounddog smile?! Note the shaved leg from his IV during the Raisin Incident.

The treats on the right are little gingerbread men! I haven't cracked them open for Jake to try yet because he has enough crap to snack on right now.
The treats on the left fit into Jake's favorite treats category: crunchy! They're meaty super-dehydrated crunchy nuggets of love, he told me. They're specially packed for Pet Giftbox and I really wish they would have put them in a bag that is resealable! Instead I had to dump them into a zip lock bag for storage.
The candle is a cute little thing that has a good blend of Christmas-y smells to it. Apparently it is for covering up pet oders, and in a house with one hound and 2 cats we will use that for sure.

Pet Giftbox was paid for with my own money, just like Jake's $700 emergency vet bill for eating 32 raisins. I need a nap.

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