Saturday, January 2, 2016

December Original BuluBox (aka month of nom)

Receiving and reviewing my December Original Bulu Box was massively delayed due to the Holidays (on USPS side) and horse-sitting jobs (on my end). But here it is, the infamous $5 sample box of health and fitness stuff. Okay it's technically $10, but there are enough lifetime coupon codes out that that you should not be paying $10 for it (see previous review)

 Product #1: Westrock Coffee k-cup
Since coffee hurts my interstitial cystitis, as much as I love it, I handed this off to my mother. She said it was good, but she also loads her coffee up with cream and artificial sweetener, so she's not exactly one to get a gourmand review from.

 Product #2: Erzo Vitamin Biscuit
These biscuits come in three-packs, are 200 calories or less, and contain added prenatal vitamins (which are good for skin and hair). I haven't gotten to eat them yet, but I like the concept. They come in a few flavors, one gluten-free for the celiac people out there, and the one I got is the basic oat one.

Product #3: MHP Fit & Lean Protein brownie
15 grams of protein AND chocolate?! Win! I have a serious chocolate problem. Whats also cool is that these are 190 calories, 5 grams of fiber, and also gluten-free for those who need it. I haven't tried this yet because I'm saving it for after a good horseback riding lesson.

Product #4: 8 Hour Energy Patch
This basically a caffeine patch, plus a few other minor "energy" ingredients. I have never used a patch before so I was skeptical and took to Google. Here is a good article on caffeine patches so you can read and make the decision yourself if it's a thing that might work for you. The tl;dr is maybe, depending on your needs and reaction to caffeine.

Product #5: Fru-Licious Fru-Twists
Aside from the dumbass name, I really liked these. Liked, past tense, because I already ate them all. In one sitting. The "serving size" is one packet that contains two pieces a little bit longer than my middle finger. Hey, it's chewy fruit. Nom nom.

Bonus Free Samples: Shapeology BurnBlend and Garcinia Cambogia.
Burnblend: overpriced caffeine pills, basically. Just drink black coffee.
Garcinia Cambogia: exotic "superfood" pill that claims to do all sorts of crap that really isn't backed up by solid science. Also, hasn't been safety tested for longer than 12 weeks that I could find. Skip.

My purchase: I paid for this entirely with my bulubox points! These are basically giant mint M&Ms with added caffeine. Not a ton of caffeine, but enough to give the average person an afternoon boost. They're a bit chalky and I definitely wouldn't eat them as candy, but for a quick caffeine boost I really like them.

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