Tuesday, January 5, 2016

BeautyDNA vs my ugly hands (a subscription review)

I love BeautyDNA because I still can't get a handle on what to expect. While everything meshes up with the seriously massive survey, I always find myself opening the box and saying "huh... I wouldn't have picked that...but I'm really intrigued by it!" Sometimes the products end up working out well and other times they're a solid "meh".
BeautyDNA has a pretty strict policy that forbids reselling/trading product that you get from them, so those products that fall in my "meh" category get gifted to friends and family along with a delightful spiel about how BeautyDNA works.
No, there isn't a referral program for BeautyDNA, nor do I get anything free or discounted from them.

You heard me right: I shill for free, yo.

Well, I'll sing their praises so long as they keep doing a good service.

But my December product is one of those products that, whilst good, isn't quite what I need and will be passed on to a good friend.

Product: 3LAB Perfect Hand Cream
Retail Price: $45

This is one expensive hand cream! It has lactic acid and green tea which are wonderful, absorbs quickly, doesn't leave a greasy residue, and has a nice soft fragrance that kinda reminds me of baby powder mixed with clean laundry dried outside on a nice summer day (I know, I'm such a poet). That being said, it isn't quite enough for the sorry state that my hands are in.
If you have normal-person dry hands and need an anti-aging moisturizer, you'll adore this. But I live on a horse farm and my hands take a beating. The current appearance of my hands is enough to make a manicurist cry out in fear.

They're rough, I'm working on it.

That being said, this elegant hand cream will not be enough to beat my skin into submission, so I'm not going to waste it's beauty on a beast. It will be handed on (haha...) to a close friend with hands that are more salvageable than mine.

Now if you excuse me, I must go prepare my spiel.

I purchased my BeautyDNA subscription through GiltCity with my own money and all opinions here belong to myself (and this six pack of porter). Questions, Comments, & Casual Insults are welcome as usual.


  1. Horse hands sound like nurse hands... dry and cracked! That is funny about the sell/trade clause. How do you think they enforce it?

    1. I know that they put a BeautyDNA logo sticker over the Barcode so you can't attempt to return it at a store for retail, other than that I don't know. I don't worry about it too much because I'm not interested in selling or trading my products, just giving away the ones that don't work to close friends/family. I mean, they definitely send out some high value products worth over $100 sometimes, so I can see why it would be a concern about people abusing the subscription to turn a profit, making fake profiles, etc.